Take advantage of the most famous wind in Europe and immerse yourself in the adventure that is kitesurfing from the hand of the world champion in this discipline: Kite School in Tarifa offers you a wide network of kitesurfing professionals that will give you the fun, learning and adrenaline that your body needs. Meet our team, a group of kitesurfing specialists passionate about their work that has been teaching and training hundreds of students of all levels since 2014.

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There is no doubt that in this school there is only room for the best instructors, whose goal will be to boost your sporting skills always with good vibes, respect, open-mindedness and teamwork. What are you waiting to meet them? Tarifa awaits you no matter where you come from and that’s why our instructors offer lessons in Spanish, English, French, Polish, German, Aramaic and Dutch because kitesurfing is so exciting that every adventurer should know and practice it. Put a face to the one who will become a new friend and confidant for you. All of our instructors are very professional, friendly and are really good at this sport.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese


Born in Madrid and based in Tarifa, Pedro is the nicest and coolest instructor in the whole school.

His passion for kitesurfing made him leave everything in his previous life to teach people like you, someone who wants to love this sport as much as he does, and since 2010 he has been exploring different waters around the world: from Brazil to the Canary Islands or Greece.

An adventurer who has chosen Tarifa as the best place to teach you. Pedro is IKO level 3 and TD1 certified. If you want to feel safe with a veteran of this sport who also speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese, Pedro is your man.


In love with kitesurfing since 2010 Nikita is Dutch by birth, but has lived in Valencia since her childhood. When she came to Tarifa she knew this would be her place and she wasn’t wrong.

Now, with 10 years of experience behind her, she is dedicated to teaching kitesurfing since she has the IKO and TD1 (Sports Technician Level 1) qualifications to Spanish, Anglo-Saxon and Dutch people.

Our most patient and fun instructor, book your lesson with her now!

Languages: Spanish, English, Dutch


Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Catalan, Italian


Something that stands out about this teacher is his overflowing energy and his extensive experience in extreme sports since he has been soaking up skiing, skateboarding, half pipe rollerblading and snowboarding since he was a little boy.

He also loves contact sports such as Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and MMA, but his true vocation has always been surfing and kitesurfing in which he started in 2003, and to which he dedicates himself exclusively in Tarifa.

What there is no doubt about is that he is a great teacher who has dedicated his whole life to the sport and you will notice that in the development of his classes. We assure you that he is professional, organized and very very nice. His experience as an instructor in Barcelona, Girona,

Valencia and Brazil proves that this great adventurer knows a thing or two about water sports, and we can’t wait for him to teach you kitesurfing on the amazing beaches of Tarifa!


Our most casual instructor. Tomek or ‘the Polish’, as he is affectionately called at the school, is a kitesurfing instructor who will mark a before and after in your technique and precision. What to expect from someone who has been practising this sport since 2004?

Tomek is IKO and TD1 certified, speaks Polish, English and Spanish and his energy and self-confidence will not leave you indifferent. We assure you that, in just a few days, he will train you to be a real ‘kitesurferian’, as he calls it.

His natural ability to teach is what makes him such a special instructor: he will transmit you that confidence so that you can glide through the waves smoothly and in a fun way, and he will not leave you alone until what you have learned in class becomes a safe and exciting experience.


Languages: Spanish, English, Polish


Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese, Aramaic


A true seasoul, born in Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz.

After working as an entrepreneur in Seville, Santi left everything for what he truly loved: the sport, the sea and helping people. Our most experienced teacher has spent more than a decade living in Brazil and helping the development of several schools, as well as running a Kite House for five years. Hence his great learning ability: not only does he have IKO and TD2 qualifications, but Santi has travelled the world teaching kitesurfing and skiing and also speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan and Aramaic.

Yes, Santi is such an active soul and he is also a ski and snowboard instructor since 2003, so if you practice any of these sports you might be interested in having a lesson with him, so he can give you some tips and tricks. Santi is our most trusted local instructor and the hundreds of positive reviews he has endorse him both as an instructor and as a great person. Come and meet him!


This great aquatic athlete was a visionary regarding the practice of this sport and that is what led him to receive a multitude of awards, including his title of world champion in 2013 and runner-up in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Alex’s technique and perfectionism have proclaimed him a benchmark athlete in the practice of freestyle kitesurfing.

But no one is born taught. Alex has been involved in water sports since he was eight years old when his father gave him his first windsurfing equipment, and since then he can’t conceive life without these sports. He was only 14 years old when he got his first sponsor and that helped him to be able to dedicate himself with all his passion to kitesurfing, and to what would lead him to become the world champion.


Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese


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