The bodydrag kitesurfing is learned as soon as we have controlled the use of the kite. That is why every beginner of this sport should enroll in a KITESURF course in TARIFA. The experts will teach you all the positions in which you should place your body according to the direction of the wind and the waves; let’s learn more about this.

What is bodydrag?

Bodydrag kitesurfing is one of the most important techniques of this sport. For those who want to be more than just a spectator, it is necessary that you not only know, but also practice the different bodydrag positions. In this way, to be able to do tricks, maneuvers and enjoy this discipline without taking any risk.

This exercise helps to make the power of the kite safer and more controlled. In addition, the rider learns to use the wind in their favor to reach a specific point that can be the land, the board or even move against the wind. All this is achieved if you know how to master the bodydrag.

What is bodydragging for?

The kitesurfing bodydrag technique helps the athlete to move better in the water. Through the bodydrag you can also recover the board, in case you get separated from it. So this technique is useful to solve any problem during kitesurfing.

Once you learn how to use the kite, the instructor will help you to position yourself well, and use your body to move the kite correctly and achieve a good glide in the water. That’s what this technique is all about and you should have a good control of it from the first day of the kitesurfing course.

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Types of bodydrag

There are two types of bodydrag kitesurfing known as the downwind and upwind bodydrag. Both are differentiated by the movement of the athlete, which can be either upwind or downwind. In this way, the kiter will be able to move better in the water.

As for the downwind bodydrag, we are talking about the technique that allows moving downwind. With this technique, the aim is to let the wind take the direction, so that the athlete can move to a position downwind of the wind, i.e. forward.

Meanwhile, the upwind bodydrag is the one that moves upwind. With this one, you gird yourself or gain ground in the water. Of course, this type of technique is more complicated than the previous one, so it is necessary to ask for help from a trusted expert who can offer advice on how to bodydrag correctly.

How to bodydrag in kitesurfing

Before getting into the water and trying to do a kitesurfing bodydrag, it is important to have the basic knowledge of each of the techniques. Of course, the help of a professional will be important for you to control the kite well when doing these exercises.

Bodydrag downwind

The bodydrag downwind kitesurfing is the one that moves the kiter downwind. That is, this element is responsible for giving the direction and speed of movement. Here we will explain in detail how to do this technique:

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Bodydrag upwind

Unlike the previous type of bodydrag kitesurfing, this technique is more difficult because it is done upwind. This technique is performed as follows:

Bodydrag with board

This technique is used to make displacement against the wind, but with a board. To do this bodydrag kitesurfing correctly, you have to follow the following steps:

Hold the handle or foot strap with one of your hands, and bring it over your chest or elbow.
Lean the board on the edge, to glide better over the water.
Locate a point on the beach that serves as a reference to orient yourself, so you don’t lose your way.

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To improve any of the bodydrag kitesurfing techniques, it is important that you ask for help from a trusted professional who will give you a complete course with the basic principles of this sport. Courses can be private, semi-private or group.


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