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How to kitesurf: tips for beginners

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Are you thinking of enrolling in a kitesurfing initiation course? Our best tips to make your experience in this wonderful sport spectacular and safe are; be patient, be consistent, if you practice alone notify a friend, have the right equipment, be informed about the wind and sea conditions and most importantly, be ready for adrenaline and fun!

What is kitesurfing?

It is an extreme water sport, derived from surfing, where the person will be able to glide over the water with the help of a board and a kite that will act as a motor. In recent years kitesurfing has become the star sport for lovers of the sea and adrenaline for the connection it has with the wind and waves.


Why learn kitesurfing?

Learning kitesurfing in the beginning can be very complicated, but after several hours of lessons with qualified instructors you will be able to keep control and you will find it fascinating and a lot of fun. Some of the reasons why you should learn kitesurfing are:

Increases physical endurance

It is an excellent sport if you are looking to increase your physical endurance. Kitesurfing tones the body globally, over time you will notice how your abs, legs are more marked, as well as your arms stronger.

Concentration and balance

When kitesurfing it is necessary to perform several tasks at the same time, so you must be very concentrated. Kitesurfing requires great coordination, since at the moment of entering the water you must be able to maintain control of the equipment, with one hand you will have to hold the kite and the other the board.

It is fun

Like any sport, kitesurfing will allow you to live new experiences, you will feel how you fly over the water and how you control the wind. Undoubtedly something you will never forget.

Kitesurfing equipment

To kitesurf as a beginner, the equipment you will need is: a kite, bar, board, harness and a wetsuit. It is important that at the moment of using the equipment you verify that the material is adapted according to your type of wingspan, navigation and the conditions of the weather and the waves.


Where to learn kitesurfing?

If you want to choose a good course to learn kitesurfing is important to select a place that has the best possible weather conditions, both wind and sea. Tarifa is undoubtedly the place that best suits you, known among tourists as the European capital of wind, will be a unique destination for your beginners in kitesurfing. If you want to assist with the best instructors of the Spanish market click here, sign up for our kitesurfing school in Tarifa.


Recommendations for beginners kitesurfing

It is important to never forget that, like any other extreme sport, kitesurfing has risks. To make your experience the best possible, our recommendations are the following: choose the right equipment, check the wind and wave conditions, be willing to sacrifice several hours and be patient.

Do I have to be in shape to kitesurf?

Not necessarily, practicing kitesurfing does not require a high level of fitness compared to other sports such as windsurfing, which requires a higher level of musculature. However, a good level of fitness would be an advantage if you are looking for a fast progress, as it will increase your endurance in the water and prevent possible injuries.

What skills do I need to kitesurf?

Specifically, you will need three skills to be able to kitesurf, which are: knowing how to swim well, patience and responsibility.

Why do I need to know how to swim? Kitesurfing is mostly practiced in deep water, increasing the risk of drowning, so it is vital that you are good at swimming.

Why should I be patient? In an average of 12-15 hours is that you will be able to safely maneuver your equipment, plus the weather will also influence a lot, if for several days there are not the right conditions for sailing, this could extend your sessions.

Why should I take responsibility? We should always be honest with ourselves and evaluate our level and capabilities, so that we never put our instructors or other people in the area at risk.

What is the most difficult thing about kitesurfing?

The short answer is no, usually most beginners find it easy to learn kitesurfing, although this may not always be the case for everyone, there are people who find it more difficult than others, thinking that they will never be able to achieve it, if that becomes your case the key is perseverance, don’t get discouraged! And continue practicing until you get the desired results.


Do I buy or rent kitesurfing equipment?

The most advisable is to buy and not rent, since renting will always have its risks, if for some reason the condition of the equipment is affected you will have to pay for it. Although this advice applies mostly to beginners, as usually those who have an expert level know how to handle the equipment properly reducing the risk of damaging it.

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