The most awaited kitesurfing summer camp in Tarifa is here! Enjoy your summer to the fullest in this Kite Camp, a unique experience for the most adventurous boys and girls.Our kitesurfing summer camp in Tarifa is designed for boys and girls between 10 to 17 years old who want to enjoy their summer to the fullest and learn everything they need to be a kitesurf pro this summer, with the help of the world champion Alex Pastor. A kite camp where you will spend eight days learning and having fun like never before, always in a safe and healthy way.Don’t you have plans for the summer of 2023? Don’t hesitate and join our kitesurfing summer camp in Tarifa!

aGE: 10 - 17

The activities are designed for children in this age range.


Closer to summer 2023 the dates will be available.


El camping se encuentra en la exclusiva zona de La Peña, en plena naturaleza.


Our base camp will be at Eco Spirit, a camping with fixed tents.


Closer to summer 2023 the price will be available.


The most special thing about this kitesurf camp is the location where we will do it. We will stay in the middle of nature, in the exclusive area of La Peña in Tarifa, in the Eco Spirit camp. An impressive, beautiful and spacious camp where you will sleep watching the stars and where you will make a lot of new friends.

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend a week camping, learning all about kitesurfing, eating organic fruits and vegetables, and surrounded by amazing people? Now it’s possible, because at Eco Spirit we have vegetables planted in this very location and a magical atmosphere. We assure you that you will be thrilled to learn about new organic and delicious flavors that will give you all the strength for those kite lessons.

But let’s get to the point: what your room will be like. This is not just any summer camp, since in this Kite Camp you will sleep in fixed tents. We will separate boys and girls to guarantee a safe environment -and where you will be able to bond with your new friends- surrounded by the most incredible nature of southern Spain.



If you have no kitesurfing experience… no problem. And if you already know the basics, we’ll teach you how to fly! Our kitesurfing summer camp is designed for everyone, regardless of your level. Our goal will be that during this week you get to be completely autonomous in case you are a beginner, or to boost to the maximum your knowledge and tricks with the board and kite.

Depending on the wind conditions, we will do alternative activities if one day we do not have enough knots, such as surfing, wake, stand up paddle… what we have clear is that you will not have a minute to get bored in our kite camp.


The kitesurf camp in Tarifa includes:


This summer kitesurfing camp is focused on bringing out your full potential and that you are the one who dominates the kite board and kite. For this, you will learn a lot of things about kitesurfing that will help you to break the wind and waves of Tarifa. You will learn:

  • Wind theory and suitability of the beach, to know which is the best time to take your kite out.
  • How to use the safety systems. There is nothing more important than knowing how to practice an extreme sport with all possible precautions.
  • Assembling and disassembling the kite, so that you become agile and totally independent when preparing to launch into the water.
  • Know and determine the flight zone, to make the most of the sea conditions and do the most spectacular tricks.
  • Launch and land the kite with an assistant, who will give you the guidelines you need to fly your kite accurately.
  • Fly a big kite. Because we know that you will be hooked to this sport forever and we want you to master a kite as an adult.
  • Total control of the flight of the kite, so that you are the one who dominates the kite and not the other way around, something very important in this sport.
  • Control the kite with one hand in both directions, so you lose the fear and get a more sophisticated technique.
  • Simulate the exit with the board, where we will give you many useful tips.
  • Self-rescue theory and simulation. Here we will give you all the information you need to be able to help yourself in case you suffer an emergency in the water, in a sport that is so individualized.
  • Sliding in the water with the kite, a movement that we know you are eager to learn.
  • Knowing the safe area of practice in the water, because there are currents that you can take advantage of and others that you should avoid to get the most out of your technique.
  • Fly the kite in the water in the area of maximum power, applying what was taught in the previous point. 
  • Lift the kite from the water, because no matter how experienced you are, it will fall into the sea and we will teach you how to pick it up with grace and ease.
  • Control the kite with one hand dragging the body to windward, a technique not easy but very exciting.
  • Sail away from the coast and return only with the kite. You will learn to do it independently.
  • Practice self-rescue in deep water, because when you handle your board and kite, you will only want to go further and further.
  • Putting your feet on the board’s footstraps and holding the kite with one hand, doing it with great dexterity.
  • Make a water start with the board.
  • Hold the kite in both quadrants with the board on your feet.
  • Move in both quadrants with a constant pull on the kite.
  • Initiate navigation in the water in both directions.
  • Navigate in both directions.
  • Know the navigation priority, something essential in any kitesurfer.
  • Move the kite quickly on each wave.


Our kitesurf camp has a complete and very dynamic program, where you will be active all day and in contact with your mates.

The schedules you will have are, approximately, as follows:

10:00 – Breakfast

11:00 – Kitesurfing course

14:00 – Lunch

16:00 – Outdoor activities (eco art, yoga, jiu jitsu, wake boarding… You will learn a lot of things!)

20:00 – Dinner, movie, analyze images of the kite session…

Although we always have a similar planning, we assure you that every day is completely different and just as much fun!

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An amazing summer awaits, are you coming?

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Do you have any questions about our camp? Here we clarify the possible doubts that may arise.

Anybody is invited to our camp! You just have to bring all your desire with you. No matter your level in kitesurfing, whether you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer, you will learn like never before and you will have an amazing time.

Of course, you have to be available to come to Tarifa between the 17th and 24th of July. And if you are from another country… Don’t worry about the language! We have bilingual monitors with whom you will be able to communicate without any problem.

The minimum age to join this kitesurfing camp is 10 years old, and the maximum age is 17 years old. You will find a unique environment in which you will surely get more than one friendship that will last a lifetime.

The kite camp has a price of 990€ per student.

The kitesurf camp in Tarifa assures you an amazing 8 days experience that you will wish will never end.

In our kite camp we have prepared for you the Eco Spirit camp, where you will sleep in the middle of nature and watching the stars. You will spend the night in a fixed tent, where the boys will be on one side and the girls on the other.

That’s right, we have at your disposal all the material you will need to give your maximum in the lessons, so you don’t need to bring anything.
If you already have experience in kitesurfing and you want to bring your own material because you feel more comfortable, there will be no problem.

You have to bring all your desire to learn and illusion, mainly. If you want, you can also bring your own equipment and use it.

We recommend that you bring comfortable sports clothes, sneakers for the afternoon activities, sunscreen and everything you need for a getaway in the middle of nature.

The fun continues! In our camp we have a plan B in case we don’t have enough wind one day. On days with weak wind we will do surfing, wake, stand up paddle and some other fun activities out of the water.