Tarifa stands out for many things, and one of them is to have one of the best kitesurfing schools in the area. You will find the most experienced teachers to give you kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa and become a real kitesurfer. Kitesurfing activates all your senses and in our school we make sure you learn all about it get to be confortable in the water. Our kitesurfing school will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional kitesurfer, all in the beautiful beaches of Tarifa.

Besides being exciting, kitesurfing offers many advantages to those who practice it. However, to be able to do it properly, it is necessary to take lessons with the right professionals. Having the right advice will guarantee you an unparalleled experience. If you want to become a professional kitesurfer, you are in the right place. Here we give you kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.


In the kitesurfing school of Alex Pastor, world champion, we have a motto: “Perfection must be guided no matter what level you are, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced athlete”. Our instructors are more than prepared to teach you everything you need to know about the amazing world of kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing in Cadiz is exciting, and doing it with our instructors is even more so. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals who have been practicing kitesurfing for almost a lifetime. In our kitesurfing school they will teach you the techniques for the correct execution of the movements and they will also transmit you all their good vibes. We can’t wait to introduce you to the best kitesurfing teachers in Tarifa.

The most important thing about kitesurfing is thats it should always be taught by reliable professionals; good instructors who not only explain the theory, but also help in the practice and get involved instead of just offering corrections.

You need an experienced instructor, dedicated exclusively to give kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa. This professional must consider the techniques he will teach his students, but also the particular wind conditions. The most important thing is that these are experts passionate about kitesurfing, who enjoy sharing knowledge and experience with their students.

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What characterizes our kitesurfing school in Tarifa is that we build confidence in our students. Starting with beginner courses up to advanced levels, our school show that we have experience in the water as well as the right professionals to teach kiteboarding.

Kitesurf instructors in Tarifa

It’s time to choose your kitesurfing instructor, whichever one you choose will be a great option. All of them are amazing, professional and will give everything to make you enjoy this activity and will make you have a great time. All the kitesurf teachers of our school know different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch and Aramaic, so if you come on vacations you have to come to our kitesurf school in Tarifa.


Kitesurfer since 2010

35 years old, Spanish, English and Portuguese​



Kitesurfer since 2010

39 years old, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and German​



Kitesurfer since 2004

33 years old, Spanish, English, and Polish


Kitesurfer since 2010

45 years old, Spanish, English and Dutch​



Kitesurfer since 2001

47 years old, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan and Aramaic​



Kitesurfer since 2003

33 years old, Spanish, English and Portuguese​

2 instructors

3/4 students

2 equipments

If you are planning a trip to Tarifa with a group of 3 or 4 friends, the group kitesurfing course is the perfect option to learn kitesurf and have a good time hanging out at the beach.

1 instructor

1 student

1 equipment

If you want to learn kitesurfing the fast way and with an instructor all to yourself, try our private kitesurfing course. You won’t have to share the equipment you and you will make the most of your time with the teacher.

1 instructor

2 students

2 equipments

The semi-private kitesurfing course is perfect if you come to Tarifa as a couple, with a friend or with a family member. You will have an instructor to give you all his/her attention and you will learn quickly!

What is the price of the kitesurfing courses in Tarifa?

In our kitesurfing school you will find a wide variety of offers to suit all budgets. The prices for kitesurfing lessons vary depending on whether it is an individual lesson or a group lesson and the experience or certification of the teacher. Here we explain a little more:

There are many types of kitesurfing lessons, but without a doubt, the one that allows you to advance faster is the private lesson. This means that the instructor will focus entirely on you and, consequently, you will learn and enjoy the experience more. The private kite course offers you, from 65€ per hour, a whole learning class with a kitesurfing professional who will advise you and teach you to get the best technique. The good thing is that in the private course you will achieve confidence faster, so in a short period of time you will become a beginner in kitesurfing and you will be able to do it on your own. If you have the opportunity to do the course in several days, we recommend you to do 2 hours per day lessons.

The semi-private kitesurfing courses in Tarifa  allow you to learn together with a friend, family member or your partner. In the semi-private kite course both students will evolve at the same pace if you start the course with a similar level. In these cases, the courses are more economical and each student will enjoy their own equipment to navigate. The price goes from 90 € per hour, depending on the teacher you prefer, and you can divide this between the two people.

Kitesurfing lessons for 3 students allow you to learn this amazing sport in company. This way, you can help each other in your progress. These courses are offered for all ages and we promise you that fun is guaranteed throughout the whole experience. Hiring a teacher among several people is a very interesting option and you can do it from 105€ per hour, in total. In this option two kites are shared among the group.

Kitesurfing lessons in groups of 4 students are the most recommended option for those who want to make the most of the experience of learning kitesurfing in Tarifa. You can attend the lessons with your friends or family, or we will include you in a diverse group where you can meet new people. The prices of these kite courses are from 120€ in our school and you will have the best kitesurfing professional at the helm. In this mode, two kites are shared between the whole group.


Kite Camp in Tarifa

Our kitesurf camp in Tarifa summer 2022 is here. Find out all the news of this year and enjoy an unforgettable summer on the beach, doing outdoor activities, kite lessons with the best instructors, painting classes, yoga, hiking and much more!



We don’t say it, they say it: a large number of trainees and professionals who wanted to improve their technique rate us as the best school to learn kitesurfing in Tarifa.

These are some of the testimonials of the students we have taught to become kiteboarders over the years.


The kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa includes all the material that allows you to start enjoying this sport. The student will have at his disposal the appropriate equipment for kitesurfing, i.e. it includes: harnesses, helmets, wetsuits, vests, etc.

In addition, the complete kitesurfing equipment is provided so that you can learn how to use it properly. You will be able to have at hand the kite, the board and the bar, all of them from well-known kitesurfing equipment manufacturers. 

The kitesurfing courses in Cadiz last approximately 8 hours, which begin with a theoretical instruction to the enrolled students. These classes begin on land, where the techniques and fundamentals are taught, as well as how to use the kitesurfing equipment and kite mastery.

In the water, once you are comfortable with the kite, we will teach you body dragging, board rescue and how to ride upwind and downwind. Throughout the course, the student is accompanied by an instructor who will teach everything they know, but will also consider the student’s safety at all times.

Kiteboarding in Tarifa is quite safe, as one of the main objectives of the teachers is to provide comfort, enjoyment and tranquility to their students. You can be confident to sign up to the kitesurfing lessons without being exposed to major risks.

For example, in Tarifa we teach kiteboarding with adequate equipment, quality and in perfect condition. As an additional safety measure, we have rescue boats with lifeguards on board who will be attentive to any situation that may arise.

Tarifa also complies with the appropriate Civil Liability and Accident regulations required by the Spanish authorities. So, you can do the course without fear and dedicate yourself to enjoy learning this sport on the water.

Yes! The kitesurfing course in Tarifa depends a lot on time availability, money and the student’s goal. However, everyone should start with a beginners course in a kitesurfing school, where you will be taught the basic techniques, as well as the safety rules that you should respect as a future kitesurfer, to handle yourself well in the water. Ideally you could start your journey with the private kite course, so you can really make the most of your time with your instructor.

You will enjoy an unforgettable experience, on your way to the wonderful world of kitesurfing. You will be able to connect with the sea and the wind with just a kite in your hand. You may think it’s impossible for you, but for our instructors it’s a realistic goal that they will achieve with you until you reach an intermediate level. If you are eager to start enjoying kitesurfing we recommend you to book a private kitesurfing course, so you can progress as fast as possible.

Kiteboarding in Tarifa is quite safe, as one of the main objectives of the teachers is to provide comfort, enjoyment and tranquility to their students. You can be confident to sign up to the kitesurfing lessons without being exposed to major risks.

For example, in Tarifa we teach kiteboarding with adequate equipment, quality and in perfect condition. As an additional safety measure, we have rescue boats with lifeguards on board who will be attentive to any situation that may arise.

Tarifa also complies with the appropriate Civil Liability and Accident regulations required by the Spanish authorities. So, you can do the course without fear and dedicate yourself to enjoy learning this sport on the water.

There is no single valid answer to this question. It depends on the student. There are students who are able to practice kitesurf with as little as 4 hours of lessons and other people take longer.

Over time, we have observed that kitesurfing students advance faster if any of the following cases are present:

  • A lot of interest and desire to learn how to do kitesurf.
  • They have previous experience in board sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc.
  • They are fit and have an aptitude for the sport.

Generally, it takes only one lesson to learn everything about kitesurfing. However, some students may ask for several kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa, where they can polish the way to stand up and ride the kite. What we are sure of is that it is impossible to learn kitesurfing alone because it requires safety techniques to enjoy the sport well.

However, you must be patient and consider that not all students learn quickly, nor do they have the same skills. However, the instructors will dedicate time to make you learn in the shortest time possible, so that you can start kitesurfing on your own.

In addition to the lessons, the aspiring kitesurfer will be able to enjoy:

  • Professional instructor
  • All the necessary kitesurfing equipment (board, kite, wetsuit, vest, helmet, etc).
  • Accident insurance
  • Rescue boat service (when there is strong wind)
  • Lots of fun!

The schedule for the kitesurfing lessons will depend on the wind conditions. Therefore, the instructor will inform his students, with enough time, which is the best schedule and the days when it is best to give kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa.

If there is poniente the lessons are in the afternoon, starting around 14:00 or 15:00 until 19:00 or 20:00 or until the wind stops. 

In case of levante the classes start earlier, as the wind usually blows all day long. 

When booking your lessons, keep this in mind, the schedule may change depending on the wind conditions.

Classes usually take place at Los Lances Norte beach, near the Agua beach bar. This is where the boat rescue service operates.

However, the location of the classes may vary depending on the weather conditions. If there is a lot of easterly wind in Tarifa, the classes take place in Los Palmones, near Algeciras.

Sometimes we also go to places like Valdevaqueros, the football stadium or Getares among others, depending on the wind.

Yes, but only in private lessons. We use BBTalkin radios in order to maintain communication between the kite instructor and the student. This helps to adapt to the place and to get corrections and feedback from the instructor to improve your technique.

One of the perks of participating in our kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa is that you can pay for the hours of the lesson. This means that if the wind for kitesurfing is not the most suitable, the student will only have to pay for the hours they took. If lessons have been planned and these have not been carried out due to weather conditions, the student can choose between receiving the money back or set a new date to enjoy the lesson.

Being an extreme sport, it is important that those who practice it have a good understanding of how to do it without exposing themselves unnecessary risks. Kitesurfing is not a sport that you can do without having any notion about safety and how to do it, so if you want to kitesurf without risks, the best thing to do is to enroll in a kitesurfing course.

To practice kitesurfing you will need to understand some of the basics involved. For example, a kitesurfing course teaches you how to recognize how to use the wind to your advantage, how the kite equipment works and what precautions you should take when practicing the sport. It is also important to learn how to keep your balance and keep a coordinated rhythm to avoid accidents.

You can’t practice kitesurfing just by watching theory classes, because although knowledge is essential, this sport discipline is based on practice. In a kitesurfing course you can get all the necessary knowledge and you will be shown how to use it to start practicing it.

Kitesurfing is an extreme water sport that involves the propulsion by the wind of a traction kite, which allows the athlete to glide across the surface of the water. Considered a risky sport, kitesurfing requires professional training.

Despite being an extreme sport, it can be practiced by people of any age and physical shape. However, professionals recommend that the person knows how to swim and is not afraid of the depths of the sea. In addition, the person needs to have strength and endurance, as well as good coordination. But these skills can be acquired over time.

The kitesurfing course is designed for anyone who wants to start learning the sport. Being a sport that is practiced in water, the minimum requirement for you to start the course is to know how to swim or at least feel comfortable in the aquatic environment. 

All people whose motivation is to enjoy the adrenaline of kitesurfing, who also have the desire to lead a healthy life, benefit from the Kitesurfing course. In fact, everyone who wants to do kitesurfing and has the time to invest in learning it, can do the course.

Yes, children can take the kitesurfing course, as the lesson is adapted to the age of the student. However, it will be necessary that the students weigh at least 35 kilograms because the kitesurfing sport depends on the speed and strength of the wind, so the child has to be physically strong enough to withstand moderate winds.

The kitesurfing course in Tarifa is adapted for the youngest of the house, so the whole family can learn the sport to enjoy this activity when travelling on family vacations. The professionals in charge of monitoring the course are trained to provide advice and practical guidance to children, so they can enjoy kitesurfing.

What characterizes our kitesurfing school in Tarifa is that we build confidence in our students. We have experience in the sport, starting with beginner courses up to advanced levels, as well as the right professionals to teach the sport to children and adults.

When selecting a kitesurfing course, you must take into account several aspects. For example, how much time you can invest in learning the sport, what expectations you have about learning and of course, what budget you have to do the course.

The courses are established according to the number of students that must be attended by a counsellor. In general, the kite class is usually private to a single student and in others, there are up to four participants. In many cases, the group is made up of known people who come in a group to learn the sport from the beginning.

There are also courses aimed at couples, which are taught in a more private way than in group classes. These semi-private kitesurfing lessons allow the teacher to spend more time with the students, which makes learning more effective.

Even more private is the private kite course, in which the teacher is fully dedicated to teaching only one student. These lessons allow you to learn the sport faster, and the teacher spends more time correcting the way you use the board and the rest of the kitesurfing equipment.

The choice of the type of course will depend on your personal preferences, so you can think about which one suits you best and start enjoying this sport.  

You can choose! If you like, you can take a look at the kite instructors and pick your favourite. The teachers who teach kitesurfing in Tarifa are highly trained and experienced professionals in this sport. When taking the course you will receive personalized guidance, emphasizing all the aspects involved in kitesurfing. In addition, the kitesurfing instructors are not only knowledgeable, but enjoy teaching this extreme sport discipline.

You can be confident that the teacher who gives the lessons is certified and qualified by a responsible organization. In Tarifa, for example, they have international IKO and National FAV certification (by the Andalusian Sailing Federation).

When you finish your kitesurfing course you can receive a certificate for international use, which allows you to enjoy the sport anywhere or take advantage of more advanced kitesurfing training in the future.

For the kitesurfing lessons, it is important that you dress comfortably, as you will need to learn the movements of balance and coordination on the board. As it is a sport that exposes you directly to the sun, it is appropriate that you use protection for your skin. It is recommended that you:

Wear sunglasses.
Apply sunscreen with UV filter on your skin.
Hat or cap.

Like any sport, kitesurfing can also dehydrate, as it is an activity that involves physical exercise. It is advisable to bring enough water or fruit juices to replenish fluid losses and thus conserve the energy needed to fulfill the kitesurfing activities.

The kitesurfing school gives you the opportunity to do as many hours of learning as you wish. It is very common for beginners to request an extension of the course, as sometimes they do not feel fully prepared to continue the sport on their own.

If you wish to extend your knowledge once you have finished a course, you can request additional days of the course. You can take advantage of group lessons, or change the course to semi-private or private lessons, in order to benefit even more from the instruction of your teacher in charge. 

If you can’t take the course after you have paid for it, we will refund the investment you made. Actually, in Tarifa you pay for the classes you are able to attend.