One of the most fun aspects of this sport is that there are several kitesurfing competition modalities. With these, it opens the possibility for more athletes with different skills and techniques to demonstrate their experience, or to practice in all facets of the sport. The good thing is that from a young age you can prepare yourself to enroll in these modalities, thanks to the help of our professionals in Tarifa. We tell you the techniques of the kite championships.

Freeride kitesurfing modality

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then among all the kitesurfing competition modalities, Freeride is the one for you. For several years, around the beaches of the world, this competition has been held, probably because those who want to learn kitesurfing, start with this style.

Besides, among all the kitesurfing competition modalities, this is the easiest one, because you only need to burn adrenaline and enjoy the sea to do it well. It is a way of kitesurfing freely on the beach, so you do not need a special technique or skill to participate in this competition.

Freestyle kitesurfing

The objective of this type of kitesurfing competition is the unhooked jumps. In this mode, the rider unhooks the kite from the harness and does as many tricks in the air as possible. Of course, there is always a safety line that prevents the rider from losing the kite.

Kitesurfing competition in this modality does require a high level of skill. This is because it is easy to damage the kite, when the trick goes wrong and the kite falls hard against the water. So, only an experienced kiter, with high confidence in his knowledge and skills, could participate in these types of competitions.

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Kitesurfing mode Regattas between buoys

These kitesurfing competitions are extreme, as they involve not only the kiter’s tricks, but also dodging the buoys. To practice this modality, the best thing to do is to first take a course with reliable experts who will offer you the proper techniques about the sport.

Once you have a sufficient level to participate in these kitesurfing competition modalities, the same instructor will be in charge of advising you in the competition registration. This way, you will be able to have experience to participate in the most important championships in Spain, as well as in the World Cup of Kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing with waves

Waves are the main protagonist in surfing and in this kitesurfing modality. In the case of kitesurfing competitions in Tarifa, the waves make it easier to perform maneuvers to get more points. The more difficult and higher the jumps and tricks are, the more likely you are to win these kitesurfing competitions.

However, these competitions are mainly aimed at very experienced athletes, because there is a great risk when the waves are very high. If you want to become a professional kitesurfer, ask for a course at the best kitesurfing academy in Tarifa.

Strapless kitesurfing modality

In its beginnings, this kitesurfing competition Tarifa was done with the surfboard, but now a smaller and more comfortable board is used. However, what makes it different from other kitesurfing competitions is that it has no bindings (straps). And instead of riding the waves with the board, strapless kitesurfing is about doing jumps and tricks in the air.

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The strapless kitesurf board is called no-nose. Its tip is rounded, which allows for easier and softer landings. And even without straps, riders can make big jumps on their boards, which offers a visual spectacle to the spectators. Of course, we are talking about a competition for veterans, so you will need a lot of preparation to participate in this modality.

Kite modality

This is one of the kitesurfing competition modalities that is more similar to traditional surfing, since it is produced by the propulsion of a kite thanks to the wind. One of the kites used in this modality is the freeride.

To participate in this competition, you must have a technical and experienced profile, which means that it is exclusively for professional athletes. There are those who decide to start with a small board and then move on to a surfboard. If it is your goal to kitesurf with a kite, you can sign up to our kitesurf school in Tarifa.

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