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Kitesurfing tricks you need to learn this summer

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Although kitesurfing by itself is fun, the tricks turn out to be the most interesting part; of course, some of them are more or less easy depending on your level of experience. Today we will show you some kitesurfing tricks you should try (with the help of an instructor).

Easy kitesurfing tricks

If you are just starting out in this sport, the best thing to do is to try some basic kitesurfing tricks, like the ones mentioned below.


This is not only one of the easy kitesurfing tricks, but you will also need to know it if you want to learn other kitesurfing tricks. This is a jump, for which you must first learn how to walk and gird.


Another basic kitesurfing trick, it consists of keeping the board in a vertical position for a long time, without changing the height and as close to the water as possible.

Kite loop

This is the technique used to get out of the previous trick, which consists of turning the kite 360° while in flight.

Back loop

This trick may seem a bit difficult for beginners, as it consists of jumping backwards, passing the feet with the board included over the head.

Front loop

Similar to the previous maneuver, this one consists of passing your feet forward.

Front roll

This also consists of passing the feet forward, with the difference that the legs are not lifted.

Handle pass

This is one of the most practiced kitesurfing tricks, which consists of passing the bar from one hand to the other during the jump, passing it over the back.

Other essential kitesurfing tricks for every rider

Once you get used to the easy kitesurfing tricks, you can try your luck with some more advanced maneuvers, such as these.


The kitesurfing blind trick is an unconventional way of kitesurfing, since -instead of using your heels- you will have to use the power of your toes to carry the board.

Back roll

Similar to the front loop and front roll, the back roll is similar to the back loop, but without throwing your legs. To do this maneuver you will need to control the kite.


A kitesurfing trick that consists of hanging upside down and releasing the control bar during the jump; a more advanced variation, known as the Deadman 360, consists of doing the 360.


This trick involves releasing one leg from the board and extending it outward.


This is a tricky jump, as the kiter must extend the body and pull the board over the head.


To perform this trick you will have to learn a few other tricks first, as it consists of doing a railey in the air and following it with a 360. During the performance you must hold the bar to your waist and turn as fast as possible.

Nose bone

This is similar to the bone, but you must bring your knee to your chest during the jump and then extend your leg out and forward.


You should grab the grab of the board with one hand near your right foot while in the jump.

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Tips you need to know to do kitesurfing tricks

Of course, it is not enough to know the names of kitesurfing tricks to learn how to do them. If you want to become an expert in kitesurfing tricks, follow the tips below.

Let an expert help you

There is nothing more dangerous than trying to do kitesurfing tricks without supervision. The best thing to do is to let an expert guide you, who can tell you which are the easiest tricks to start with and follow your progress with each session. You can enroll in an advanced kitesurf course and learn the best techniques!

Check the wind strength every day

Of course, not all kitersurf tricks can be done in all conditions; even if they can, the wind will influence the amount of power you need to use. That’s why it’s important to check the weather conditions every day before you decide to try a trick.

Consider the size of the kite

If the kite is too small, for example, it will not be strong enough to keep you in the air for a long time while doing a turn. For other tricks a small kite will be suitable. Your coach can help you choose the right equipment for what you want to try.

Protect yourself

If you are going to try some of the kitesurfing tricks mentioned above, you can’t forget to take all the precautions. You’ll need to wear the proper clothing (shorts and wet suite), life jacket and helmet; and, of course, ride carefully.

If you are a beginner, hire initiation classes

No beginner should try to learn kitesurfing tricks on their own, as it could be dangerous. To start with, you should take some beginner lessons to learn how to master the board; once you can ride and go upwind, ask your coach to teach you some tricks.

Enjoy the process

Finally, don’t forget that kitesurfing is a sport that should be fun. It’s normal that kitesurfing tricks don’t work the first time, but you just have to try again. The best thing to do is to enjoy the process, appreciating the falls and celebrating each advance, you’ll get there!

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