Leash in kitesurfing: ways to wear it

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Those who want to learn kitesurfing well, must know all the elements used in this sport. With the leash in kitesurfing, the safety of the athlete is guaranteed, especially for beginners who have not lost their fear of waves and strong winds. Learn here why you should use this protective element in kitesurfing.

What is the leash?

This kite invention started to become popular in the 1970s. It is a rope that keeps the athlete attached to his board. So that it is impossible for the board to fly away to a distance that the rider cannot reach it.

Using the leash in kitesurfing you will not lose your board or time, since you will not have to be looking for the board every time it flies off in a maneuver. Take advantage of the maximum possible time practicing this sport without losing sight of your board, thanks to this element.

What is the leash for?

The main function of the invention is to connect the kite to the bar, with a quick release system, to keep the board close when you do not have control of the kite. The leash in kitesurfing avoids that the safety element of the athlete does not go far away.

Rather than using this leash for fear of losing the money you have invested in your board, it secures an element that could become your lifeline. Or, you will avoid an uncontrolled kite by the wind that can cause damage to other people who are near you.

Now, if you feel in danger because you are hooked to your board, you must learn how to operate it. And that’s precisely what a kitesurfing expert teaches you, in our private courses in Tarifa. So we could say that this element is indispensable to use when kitesurfing.

Parts of the leash

It is essential that before using the leash in kitesurfing, you listen well to the indications of your kite instructor, as well as the experts of the store where you buy this rope. And to understand these indications, you must know the parts of the leash kite that are:

  • Two connections: composed of one that goes to the harness and another that connects to the safety line of the bar.
  • It has an elastic part that prevents a strong pull. Although it is important to mention that not all leashes have it.
  • A quick release system that is used by the athlete in case of risk of accident, in order to let go of the board and that this does not hit him.
  • Nowadays it is quite common that the leash is manufactured with neoprene, since this material does not cause chafing in case it gets tangled.

Where is the leash placed?

The kitesurfing leash can be placed in different parts of the harness, either in the back of a side ring, or in the front of the harness. But you should know that where you place the leash, will mean more complications when maneuvering the board. That is why you should learn well about the use of this element of kitesurfing.

Connecting the leash to the harness

For beginners, it is best not to place the leash in the back of the kitesurf, as it is a more complicated position. Rather, this position is used when doing tricks that involve passing the bar from one side of the back to the other.

Connecting the leash to the bar

Using the leash in kitesurfing on the bar offers more advantages, making it easier for the athlete to do more types of tricks. In addition, these positions have greater accessibility, in case the kite gets out of control. In this type of connection, there are two modes you can use to position your leash properly.

Safe mode

In this kitesurfing safety system the leash is placed on the lifeline ring (safety line). Once the chicken loop is released, the kitesurfing leash comes into operation, moving the bar to the front.

Semi-suicide mode

In this mode, the connecting ring of the bar passes through the chicken loop and connects to the kitesurfing leash by means of a small supplementary ring. In the case of not having this ring, it is connected to the carabiner. Now, when the chicken loop is released, the kitesurfing leash is released and starts working in the same way as in the previous mode.

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