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For those who love kitesurfing, we have quality equipment that can be used to properly perform this sport. We offer you our wide range of kitesurfing equipment. In addition, with us you will be able to buy your equipment at a good price. If you are wondering if you need to rent the equipment when doing one of the courses with our kitesurfing school in Tarifa, don’t worry, the equipment is included.

FULL EQUIPMENT 70€ 120€ 50€/DAY 300€
KITE AND BAR 50€ 90€ 40€/DAY 250€
BOARD 25€ 40€ 20€/DAY 120€


The most important thing when practising kitesurfing, besides finding the right professional instructor, is to acquire the kites, kiteboards and other kitesurfing equipment. However, you have to consider that buying them can be a big budget. Therefore, if you are a beginner or if you do not want to dedicate yourself to this sport, the best thing to do is to rent them. In addition, you can choose between renting the complete equipment or just one piece of equipment.

The full equipment rental service costs 70€ per day. But if you rent for several days you will have a discount. For example, if you want two days, you will have to pay 120€, while more than two days will cost you 50€ each day, getting a 20€ discount per day. Renting the complete equipment for a week will cost you 300€.

If you only want to rent one piece of equipment, the prices will also change. For example, the kite plus bar costs 50€ per day, the board costs 25€ per day, and other types of equipment such as harness, helmet, vest and wetsuit cost 8€ per day. As with the complete equipment, renting the materials will have a discount depending on the number of days you are going to take rent them.  



The different kitesurfing kites that exist, depending on the number of styles of the sport that we can enjoy. In order to choose the one that best suits you, take into account that we have available to rent your kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa.

This is one of the professional kites we have in our kitesurf equipment rental inventory in Tarifa. With this kite, you will have a wider wind range, as well as guarantee precise, stable and balanced steering. It is also a versatile kite, easy to handle due to its lightweight.

The Airush Razor kite has special features for freestyle and wakestyle kitesurfing. But you have to consider its size according to the type of style to be performed. Even so, they offer you an unhooked performance, so it is easier for them to propel, even if there is not so much wind.

Versatile, agile, with great pushing power and other features, make this kite a good choice for kitesurfing kite rental. It is a very resistant kite, as it is made with double-layer premium fabric, so it responds well to wind gusts.

The Airush Lift is designed to provide the highest performance at heights. Therefore, it has exceptional suspension, great potential and stability. Even in the most adverse conditions, this kite is easy to use because of its high performance. Undoubtedly the best air kite for renting your kitesurf equipment in Tarifa.

What characterizes this kite is its light geometry, in addition to being stiffer and, consequently, having greater tension. Thanks to this, the athlete will be able to be more responsive to a strong gust of wind. This kite combines stability with responsive handling.

This freestyle kite is a high-performance kite. It has smooth kite loops, good hooking and unhooking and excellent suspension. Its characteristics allow it to respond fast and with good stability. Such a kite is recommended more for intermediate level athletes or already a professional kitesurfer.

The kite is made of D4 HD cloth, which makes it more durable. In addition, it features a design that reduces the weight of the kite, making it easier to use. The Airush One Progression increases the wind range without having to sacrifice relaunching abilities.

The freewing equipment is designed to be able to navigate with very light weight. They are rented as kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa, according to the type of lesson you are going to take. The good thing is that they have an affordable price, find out here what equipment you need for freewing.

Instead of using the traditional kite, you can use the starboard for wing foiling but also for kitesurfing. The good thing is that they can be used by both professionals and beginners because they offer stability and are rigid, so they guarantee safety, even if you go at high speeds.

Kitesurf boards

Choosing the right kitesurf board will guarantee you a good kitesurfing experience. But you should know that there is a great variety of these materials. The professional who teaches you kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa can give you a guide on what is the best board for you. In the meantime, we tell you a little bit about each of the available kitesurfing equipment for rent in Tarifa.

This responsive performance board is perfect for jumping and landing the right way. Even in difficult conditions, this board will give you stability as it is quite intuitive. It features lamination and high-performance full-flex technology. Its shape is 3D refined.

A versatile board for advanced athletes. It offers quality performance, which is why it is used for high jumps. It has an ideal profile for sailing in adverse wind conditions, although it is one of the smallest boards on the market. It is ideal for tricks without a hook.

Just like our professionals do, you can use boots for kitesurfing. If that’s what you want, then you have to rent the Airush Livewire board. Its 3D platform with deep concave channel is what makes this board the best to participate in a competition. With this board, you will be able to do complex manoeuvres easily and with a low impact when falling.

This equipment is made for heavy weight kitesurfing when the wind is light. It is worth mentioning that this equipment is used by professionals, or at least, to have an intermediate level in kitesurfing. They are perfect for speed, pumping and maneuverability.

For competitions, this board is the most suitable. It has a high rocker, narrow tail and an offset leash. They are resistant and flexible, so if you buy one of these, you will be sure to enjoy a good board for a long time.

If you want a board for strong waves and advanced kitesurfing, this is the one to rent. It has a high rocker and with its concave shape, you enjoy a fast and easy ride, quite predictable. Undoubtedly, the traditional surfboard par excellence.

The mini monster kitesurf board has a compact shape with a flat rocker, which offers more volume, being a combined style between surfing and directional board. Its performance is sub-planing, so the athlete will enjoy turning and carving skills.

Airush foil skateboards have a minimalist low volume style. These are used with fins when the athlete rides without a foil. In addition, it has excellent directional steering similar to the traditional skate.

AMP boards are built for versatile surfing, offering speed and control at the same time. It has a high curve contour, which allows you to optimize the manoeuvres of the board. Learning to kitesurf with this board is a good decision because it takes advantage of even the slightest wind.

The board has been optimized for speed and stability. It has a flat rocker and rails. It is used for freestyle kitesurfing, dedicated to small waves. Hence, this board is considered to be ideal for beginner riders. Although it is light, so it softens the ride, it has a great durability.


If you want to practice kitesurf like a pro, then you have to opt for renting foils for this sport. You enjoy a different water-aerial trip, with this type of kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa. Here we show you what are the best kite foils to rent.

These designs are subtle, but with great stiffness and high performance in terms of speed. Its front fin is 800cm2 of the latest generation, which offers more speed, but is also safer when it comes to impact with the water.

These foils are designed for riding, carving and learning to sail at low speeds. That is why they are ideal for beginners. With its medium-sized rear wing and a 1000cm2 front fin, the board offers versatile performance. In addition, they are easy to use boards. If you want to learn kitesurfing, you can start by renting a Carving Foil.

These foils work for small to medium waves, so they are ideal for kitesurfing in light wind. The quality of these boards allows them to last longer. You can rent these types of boards in our company so you can enjoy high-performance kitesurfing.

For kitesurfing, you will need a warm suit to withstand bad weather, strong winds and cold water. It has a fleece lining and rubber seams that guarantee body warmth and prevent clothing from pressure. Its design is strategic to maximize the mobility of the athlete.

The quality of the wetsuits also depends on the brand that makes them. Having a company that rents you resistant kitesurfing equipment will help you to enjoy the lessons and also the practices until you become a professional kitesurfer. Contact us to rent your kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa.


Having all the accessories for kitesurfing is important to be able to enjoy this exciting sport. Take into account what are the types of elements you will need to do the sport correctly. If you are not an expert, ask your instructor which accessories you should rent.

We have all kinds of additional equipment, such as helmets, life jackets, harnesses, wetsuits, etc… 

Our harnesses are from Ride Engine and our wetsuits are from ION and Prolimit.

Rent you kite equipment today!

If you are in Tarifa hire your quality kiteboard material with us!

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