More and more often come to our country surfers who want to enjoy the wind that is enjoyed in the kitesurfing spots in Spain. But not only veterans practice this sport in the kitesurfing spots in Spain. Thanks to the kitesurf School in Tarifa, amateurs of this discipline can become the most outstanding sportsmen. Learn here where you can receive our courses if you live in Spain.

Kitesurfing spot Los Lances, Tarifa

For those who want large and windy kitesurfing spots in Spain, Los Lances is the option to choose. In fact, the beaches of Tarifa are structured so that both independent kitesurfers and beginners enrolled in our courses, can take advantage of the waves and the perfect wind for kitesurfing in the area.

Los Lances beach is located 3 kms from Tarifa, going towards Cadiz, specifically between Hotel Dos Mares and Camping Rio Jara. Being one of the favorite kitesurfing spots in Spain for professionals, it is not strange that we have a kitesurfing course in Tarifa.

For beginners, it is best to take advantage of the westerly wind (west), preferably when there is shore swell. However, if you sign up for our courses, our instructors will advise you on what time of the year is best to practice. In fact, the classes are programmed according to the wind of the season, to make the best use of the weather conditions.

Kitesurf spot Isla Canela, Huelva, Spain

The winds of Isla Canela make it one of the best kitesurfing spots in Spain. Especially the westerly wind coming from the west to the southwest, is recommended to enjoy this sport for beginners and experts in kitesurfing. You can also practice the sport in the lagoons that are born at low tide, thanks to the northwest wind.

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If you want to find kite beaches in Spain you have several options depending on the time of year. For example, in summer the sport is practiced only in the west of the island, where 3 km of beach are enabled from Urb San Bruno to the Rio Guadiana. And if you want to continue kitesurfing in winter, the beaches located between Punta del Moral and Rio Guadiana are the most suitable.

Spot kitesurf Flagbeach, Fuerteventura

In the Canary Islands is one of the favorite kitesurfing spots in Spain for kitesurfers. And is that all year round you can enjoy a temperature of over 20 degrees, and trade winds (north wind) that are born between May and August. If you want to learn in this area, a course with kitesurfing professionals is what you need.

Flagbeach beach is one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in Spain. However, due to the amount of rocks here, it is not recommended for beginners. Therefore, if you want to become a professional, you have to do a complete course with our experts.

Kitesurfing spot La Manga, Murcia

For those who are looking for kitesurfing beaches in Spain to learn, then La Manga is the right place. Located at km. 3, just after the Isla del Ciervo, you will find this 200 meters coast, without waves. Thanks to this, you will be able to freestyle and enjoy excellent lessons with our professionals.

To use these kitesurfing spots in Spain, it is best to wait for the on-shore wind, which starts in spring and lasts until autumn. This way, beginners will be able to kitesurf in the whole area, without taking risks. But for high level kitesurfers, the WN winds (west-north) are the most suitable, because they are more unstable and this means more experience for the athlete.

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Kitesurfing spot Denia, Alicante

Denia is surely the perfect kite spot in Spain to practice this sport in competition. One of the advantages of this place is that you can practice this sport throughout the year because the winds are thermal, although in winter appear the strongest, from north to west. Winds are constant in these areas, oscillating between 12 and 20 knots.

However, within this same area, there is an area that is positioned as the best kitesurfing spots in Spain; it is Espigon Norte, located in the Port of Denia. The suitability of this beach lies in the fact that it has dish water, making it perfect for freestyle. It is not surprising that it is one of the most suitable places to hold championships of this sport.

Kitesurfing spot Trabucador, Tarragona

In the natural park of the Ebro Delta, is one of the favorite kitesurfing spots in Spain. Not only is it a beautiful spot, but it also offers the best winds in the area for kitesurfing in Spain. Its beach has a length of more than 6 km, where you can kitesurf without problems in spring and summer.

The courses offered in our kitesurfing academy offer the step by step for a beginner to become a professional in this sport. If you live in Tarragona, you can ask for the help of the most renowned athletes in the area.


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