Types of kitesurfing boards and what each one is used for

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To practice kitesurfing you need to get the right equipment, information about kitesurfing boards is not as easy to find on the internet as kites. If you want to know about the types of kitesurfing boards and what each one is for, you’d better read on to choose the perfect kitesurfing board.

Twintip kitesurf board

Twintip boards are bi-directional, which means that both ends are equal and you can point in both directions regardless of the position of your feet. They are made up of several layers, with a wood core on top of which layers of carbon or fiberglass are applied, depending on the specific board category.

What is a twintip board used for?

These are the most commonly used boards, as they are ideal for beginners and all kitesurfing schools teach with twintip boards; many riders will continue to use them even after they have gained experience. The twintip board makes jumps, maneuvers and upwind maneuvers easier, so we recommend them for freestyle and wakeboarding.

Kite surfboard

The kite surfboard is directional, which means that it has a bow and a stern; that is, one of its ends must point in the direction of travel. The kite surfboard has a core composed mainly of expanded polystyrene, on which layers of bamboo, Technora fibers and cork are applied; these materials provide stability and durability.

What is the purpose of the kite surfboard?

Because the rider will have to change position on the board if he wants to change direction, so they are not the best for maneuvers. On the contrary, they are especially recommended for waves or races; as they have more buoyancy than the twintip, they also allow sailing with less wind, so they are useful for lightwind.

Foil boards in kitesurfing

Another type of directional board are foil boards, which have different construction methods. Some have the same composition as a twintip, while others have the same composition as a surfboard, depending on the brand and model. What characterizes foil boards is that they have a foil mast at the stern.

What are wing foil boards used for in kiteboarding?

Foil boards are very similar to surf boards, so they can also be used for wave riding or racing. However, they are specially designed for use with the foil mast and foil wings, which make the board lift out of the water when it reaches a certain surface. We recommend it for freeride or for sailing in light winds, as it guarantees a fast start.

Kitesurfing lightwind board

Lightwind boards can be either twintip or surfboards, so they can be either directional or bi-directional and have different composition; the important thing is that they are flat and have a large contact surface. They are designed to require less power from the kite, ensuring a fast lift and the highest efficiency.

It is convenient to have one of these in addition to your regular board, as you will not have to wait for better wind conditions.

What is a lightwind kiteboard for?

As its name suggests, this type of board is specially designed for lightwind kiteboarding, that is, for sailing in light winds. They are perfect for keeping you on the water even in the most marginal conditions. In this sense, you will not have to wait for the wind to improve to practice freeride, waves or even long distances.

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