Windsurfing or kitesurfing course. Which one to choose?

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The reality is that both sports have become more popular and more and more people are practicing these water sports. If you are also thinking of signing up for a course, you may be wondering what is the difference between the two. At first glance they may seem the same, since they share many things in common, such as the environment in which they are practiced. Below we will talk about what are their most significant differences, read on!

Kitesurfing course

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Windsurfing course

It is important that when you choose a kitesurfing course your classes are given only by qualified professionals with several years of experience, since it is an extreme sport, and even if you take the corresponding safety measures, there is always the risk of suffering accidents.

Currently there are many places that offer these courses without any kind of security or guarantee, so we recommend that you get well informed about the place before paying.


Characteristics of kitesurfing

  • It does not need waves, since the wind is the only force needed to propel it.
  • It is an extreme sport.
  • Your board is made with supports on your feet.
  • Practitioners are attached to a parachute that is tied to a harness and cables.
  • It can only be practiced in spots with excellent wind conditions.
  • It is suitable for people with disabilities.
  • The sport includes maneuvers and jumps in the air.

Characteristics of windsurfing

  • It was first practiced in the United States, until it became popular all over the world.
  • Various maneuvers can be performed in the water.
  • It can reach high speeds.
  • It depends on the impulse of the wind to be able to have stability.
  • Flags, windsocks, and wind gauges are used to know the direction of the wind.
  • In order to leave the shore it must be done upwind.


Kitesurfing vs. windsurfing Which is easier?

Kitesurfing and windsurfing require a lot of practice, balance and endurance. Some experts have stated that kitesurfing is the easiest to learn, while windsurfing requires more commitment, training and physical condition, so progress tends to be slower.

With a kitesurfing course in about 15 hours or so, people usually feel ready to start kitesurfing in complete safety and without fear of falling. However, this varies greatly depending on the person, it is important to keep in mind that what is most needed in this sport is commitment and willingness to learn! You will also have to learn about the wind window in kitesurf, which will add a bit of theory.


How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?

The time it usually takes a beginner to learn kitesurfing is approximately 6-12 hours of lessons. Although this time is only an estimate, as there are people who can take more than 12 hours to be able to safely handle their kite, but do not let this discourage you, it’s all a matter of practice and commitment.


How long did it take me to learn windsurfing?

The time it usually takes a beginner to learn windsurfing is approximately 30 hours, but this varies from person to person, in some cases this time can increase or decrease, but on average it can take a considerable time to learn the correct techniques in this sport.


Differences in material

The million dollar question, which is easier kitesurfing or windsurfing? Both sports are derived from surfing, but their main difference is in their equipment. To practice windsurfing you need a board with a sail, while in kitesurfing you can use either a kite or a paraglider to lift the kite.

In both sports the wind conditions have a great influence, the weather conditions are fundamental to be able to practice this sport correctly, although in the case of windsurfing the most important thing will be to be able to control the sliding of the water and its direction to be able to obtain incredible jumps and pirouettes.

The ideal to be able to practice both sports is to live near the sea. However, certain conditions are needed to favor their practice. Both kitsurfing and windsurfing can be practiced in rivers or lakes, but the open sea is the only one capable of facilitating strong wind currents.

Differences in price

What is the difference between kitesurfing and windsurfing in terms of price? Practicing any sport involves paying a certain amount, although in the beginning we will only need a simple material as we advance in the sport will arise the need for more advanced equipment. Having said this, windsurfing is the one that has a higher price, this is due to the different types of materials that are usually needed and the long hours of training.

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